Central Air Conditioner Repair for Indianapolis and Greenwood – Demand Increased by Hot, Dry Weather

Due to the extremely hot, dry conditions throughout Central Indiana, we have been receiving a high number of requests for central air conditioner emergency repair service from homeowners in Greenwood, Whiteland, Beech Grove and throughout the Indianapolis region.

Even with the current heat wave, we are still able to provide SAME DAY 24-hour emergency repair service, so call us at (317) 535-4093, if your air conditioner needs a quick fix.

For Family Comfort and Peace of Mind, Call Complete Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning

For Family Comfort and Peace of Mind, Call Complete Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning

To help avoid the need for emergency repairs, the best way to avoid a breakdown is an annual maintenance tuneup of your central air conditioning system by an HVAC professional. If you haven’t had one performed this year, we recommend that you call us to schedule one today – before the next heat wave hits this summer!

Another option is a Complete Comfort annual maintenance contract, which includes seasonal service twice a year and priority repair service should you need it, including discounts on any repairs or replacement needed.

The discount provided with our annual maintenance program can play an even more important role for central AC systems built before 2010 that require a coolant recharge. These older systems used the refrigerant R-22, which is no longer produced due to its damaging effect to the Earth’s ozone layer. Because of its scarcity, R-22 can be extremely expensive to replace:

  • Current replacement cost for R-22 can be as high as $175 for the first pound and $90 for each additional pound
  • Central air conditioner condensers require as much as eight pounds of coolant
  • R-22 will become more expensive as existing supplies dwindle

This raises the issue for home owners facing a costly repair whether it would more economical to replace the old equipment with a new air conditioner that is more energy-efficient and environment-friendly, and less costly to operate. Since heating and cooling accounts for 54 percent of your home’s yearly energy costs, long-term savings can add up quickly.

To avoid facing the decision of whether to repair or replace your air conditioner this year, call 317-535-4093 today to schedule an AC system checkup.