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December 11, 2020

8 Ways a Zoning System Can Save You Money

Homeowners who depend on traditional heating and air systems to maintain comfort in their homes often find that some rooms in their home are less comfortable than others. A zoning system may be just what’s needed to ensure optimal levels of heating and cooling throughout your home.

Zoning systems consist of both a damper and a thermostat for each room in your home. A central control panel handles the input from the thermostat in each room and allows you to have more control over which spaces in your home receive warm and cold air. This additional control over the climate of your home will help you save on the cost of energy bills in several ways.

1. Temperature Control

The thermostat present in each room of a home that uses a zoning system will allow you to adjust the temperature in each room of your home as you see fit.

Homeowners with the ability to regulate the climate of independent rooms in their homes are less likely to waste money heating or cooling unoccupied space. You’ll also become better able to avoid the family arguments that tend to occur when members of the family aren’t in agreement about an acceptable temperature inside the home. Zoning systems also come with a programmable thermostat that you can control from remote locations with the use of a smartphone or other mobile device.

2. Seal Unused Rooms

A zoning system doesn’t only allow you to decrease the amount of heating and cooling delivered to a particular space in your home. You can effectively “seal off” rooms that aren’t in use for extended periods.

This strategy is great for bedrooms left behind by college-aged children or parts of the home used only at certain times of the year. When you or a member of your family needs the room again, you only need to adjust the thermostat in the room to make it inhabitable. There is also no need to worry about problems like increased air pressure from an HVAC system that can happen when a homeowner simply closes off the vents in an unused room or attempts to seal off a room with some type of obstruction.

3. HVAC Efficiency

Zoning systems eliminate the need for your HVAC system to distribute air throughout your entire home 24 hours of each day. The ability to set the temperature to the desired level in each room will eliminate the waste of energy and will prevent system strain while cooling or heating the difficult spaces in the home. The decreased workload for your system will mean less fuel consumed and less of a strain on the components that make up your HVAC system. This benefit of your zoning system allows you and your family to enjoy an optimal level of comfort at a discounted price.

4. Customized Systems

The decreased energy requirements associated with zoning systems make it possible for homeowners to purchase smaller HVAC systems for their homes. Smaller systems cost less money and aren’t as difficult to install. You can also add a central control panel that will allow you to control all thermostats in the home from one location.

You can save even more money with the strategic installation of thermostats in places that account for the most temperature fluctuations in your home. Some examples of these potential areas of trouble include spaces where high ceilings, large windows, or sunrooms exist.

5. Improved Air Quality

Your HVAC system will encounter dust, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne irritants at some point. You’re probably aware of the problems caused by these particles if you or another member of your family suffers from allergies or other breathing issues. The good news is that the threat from these irritants is less when you install a zoning system in your home.

Homes with zoning systems experience less transfer of air from one space to another than those that use traditional heating and cooling systems. Contaminates won’t spread throughout your home at the same rate as a result of the zone separation. When less dust and debris accumulate in your home, it also becomes easier to clean and to maintain furniture, electronics, and other valuables in your home.

6. Family Comfort

Zoning systems allow each member of your family to decide on a consistent temperature for his or her bedroom or other favorite space in the home. The ability for each person to provide himself or herself with a level of comfort will prevent the different people who live in your home from constantly raising and lowering the temperature for the entire home.

You’ll benefit from greater savings on monthly energy bills once everyone in the home is comfortable. And once the energy expended to heat and cool each space in your home is consistent, you’ll have a good idea of the price you’ll pay each month before a bill is received.

7. Decreased Repair Costs

The many components that make up your heating and cooling system must remain in proper working condition to maintain the comfort level in your home. System components that must work 24 hours a day for the majority of the year will wear out a lot faster than system parts that enjoy regular rest time. The cost to repair different parts of your HVAC system can mount quickly when the system is overworked. These costs become even more expensive when your system breaks down at the most inopportune times.

8. Increase the Lifespan of the HVAC System

How long your HVAC system lasts is ultimately decided by the wear and tear that the system experiences over the years. The wear and tear are much less for homes that possess zoning systems.

Your programmable thermostat will allow you to adjust the system to work less at times when you are at work, the kids are at school, or everyone is asleep for the night. A room that gets a lot of sun in the winter months won’t need the same level of heating as one on the other side of your home. Conversely, a room that benefits from a shade tree in the summertime will require less work from your system to cool. The common denominator is that less work for your system translates to more years of service.

Your zoning system can also increase your HVAC’s lifespan by helping you keep up with your maintenance schedule. Some zoning systems will provide you with a warning when it’s time to change the air filters or schedule a routine visit from an HVAC maintenance specialist. Other models provide monitoring for the humidity and airflow inside your home.

Zoning System Installation

Homeowners concerned with the cost to heat and cool their homes can help their cause with the installation of a zoning system. It’s a good idea to trust a professional when it’s time to select and install a zoning system. Families that live in Greenwood should call Complete Comfort when they’re ready to install a zoning system in their homes. We also install, repair, and maintain heating and cooling systems.

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