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  • Complete Comfort: About Us

    As born-and-bred Hoosiers, we at Complete Comfort understand how important it is to have a familiar face around. That’s why we’re committed to providing our fellow Central Indiana neighbors the most reliable and thorough service – no matter what. Our commitment is to provide the right solution to you – something that fits you, your situation and your budget – not by recommending something you don’t want or need. We test each product we offer in our homes before installing it in yours, so we can always give honest recommendations. Our team of technicians is background checked, drug-tested, licensed, bonded and insured, so you know you’re getting the absolute best service.


    We use water all day, every day. It’s responsible for keeping us and our things clean, and when something goes awry it can ruin your day. Complete Comfort offers the plumbing knowledge and expertise to help diagnose the problem quickly, offer a solution and implement it the right way.


    When the winters are rough, staying warm and cozy in your home is essential. We understand just how vital a functioning heating unit is, and we are dedicated to making sure it stays running smoothly and your family remains as comfortable as possible when the time comes. When you experience a problem, our team of technicians is equipped to handle it and get everything back up to speed as soon as possible.


    Equally as important is staying cool in those months when the temperature is a bit too high for your liking. An inefficient cooling system can cause you to overcompensate on your thermostat, which can end up costing you money thanks to skyrocketing energy bills. Complete Comfort can keep your AC in tip-top shape, and we can handle repairs to installations and everything in-between.


    Ever feel like you’re not getting the full range of heating and cooling your home should provide? There might be a solution. Geothermal energy uses a system of underground pumps to loop hot and cold air into your AC system by feeding off the heat of your home and the cool ground below. A geothermal pump can save you a significant amount of money over its lifetime, and we offer every kind of service you could want for the installation and upkeep of your new geothermal system.

    Indoor Air Quality

    Having a home here in Central Indiana can be great, and it usually is. But if your home’s air isn’t breathable, then you aren’t going to be able to enjoy our great area. Pollen, other allergens, irritants and pollutants can infiltrate your home without you even knowing, which is why being on top of your indoor air quality is paramount. Our team is experienced in ridding your air of the things you don’t want and ensuring you can breathe in clean, fresh air.

    Complete Comfort offers the most reliable, all-inclusive heating, cooling and plumbing service in Central Indiana. Give us a call at 317-576-3151 and find out why!