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  • Air Quality


  • Central Indiana’s Indoor Air Quality Experts

    If you don’t keep your home’s air quality in check, you and your family could begin to suffer harmful effects. Over time, if the conditions throughout your air-circulation network are compromised, harmful pollutants and contaminants could wiggle their way into the very air you breath. And if they’re not treated promptly, they could proliferate and grow more numerous by the day – causing adverse effects to the air you need to keep clean.

    Keeping your home free of pollutants goes beyond simply cranking up the air conditioner. Dust, allergens, viruses and a host of other harmful materials are adept at evading normal preventative measures and spreading, whether you know it or not. Leaky ducts, faulty filters and excess moisture are all ways these things can contaminate your home, and they all require careful attention.

    Complete Comfort can work with you to figure out how to improve the quality of your air: whether that’s through conventional means or instituting a new solution altogether. And if the air is too dry, we offer whole-home humidifiers that can fix the lack of moisture in your air – just like that.

    Our team of technicians will inspect the overall conditions in your home, evaluate the problems and work with you to find out what could have caused them in the first place. We’ll find a comprehensive solution that works best for you and your family, and then we’ll implement it. No more, no less. What we offer is exactly what we have determined will fix the problem, and we’ll explain it thoroughly and carefully to you.

    There’s a reason Central Indiana has made Complete Comfort its most-trusted provider for air quality solutions. Call us today at 317-576-3151 to find out why!