What Do SEER Ratings Mean?

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One of the most significant expenses for homes in Greenwood, Fishers, Carmel, and the surrounding areas is replacing an old HVAC system or installing heating and cooling equipment in a home that is under construction. At Complete Comfort Heating, Air, and Plumbing, we work with many homeowners who want professional guidance when finding the best […]

8 Ways a Zoning System Can Save You Money

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Homeowners who depend on traditional heating and air systems to maintain comfort in their homes often find that some rooms in their home are less comfortable than others. A zoning system may be just what’s needed to ensure optimal levels of heating and cooling throughout your home. Zoning systems consist of both a damper and […]

Heating System Troubleshooting Tips

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The rainy winters in Greenwood can be bleak. So, it can be daunting when your HVAC breaks down unexpectedly. It is, therefore, essential that you learn to detect problems with your equipment. There are issues, such as thermostat settings, that you can take care of yourself. Here are some tips for troubleshooting your heating system. […]

Here’s A Basic Checklist To Help You Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter

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Planning ahead almost always has a positive outcome. Although it may seem insignificant, planning ahead can greatly improve how well your furnace performs when it’s placed under a heavy load during the cold Greenwood winter. That’s why Complete Comfort encourages you to take a look at this pre-winter furnace checklist to ensure that you’ve done […]

Do Heat Pumps Really Use Less Energy Than Other HVAC Systems?

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If you are tired of expensive heating and cooling bills, it makes sense to look for more energy-efficient HVAC systems. One type of heater and air conditioner that is becoming more popular lately is the heat pump. This new technology claims to provide excellent heating and cooling for a fraction of the cost. Do heat […]

Top 6 Ways to Heat Your Finished Basement

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A finished basement can be a great area in your home that gives you more space for your family. Whether you plan on using it as a recreational room or just to convert it to an additional bedroom for a family member, you’ll want to ensure the temperatures in your basement are as warm and […]

It’s Not Too Soon to Add ‘Furnace Maintenance’ to Your To-Do List

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Those Colder Nights Are Just Around the Corner The hot and muggy days of August might sound like the wrong time to think about furnace maintenance. But this is exactly the right time—especially when you think about the fact that our nighttime temperatures will be dipping into the 50s next month and into the 40s […]