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  • Bargersville


  • Complete Comfort: Offering Comprehensive Home Services to Bargersville

    At Complete Comfort Heating, Plumbing & Cooling, our team’s utmost concern is ensuring our customers receive the highest-quality service from any company in Bargersville, and we’re confident you’ll be 100 percent satisfied once we perform maintenance or a repair on your home. Our technicians are some of the most well-qualified and trained servicemen around, and once you encounter their friendliness and hospitality, you’ll understand why we’re Central Indiana’s go-to service provider for all things heating, cooling, plumbing and air quality.

    Complete Comfort Offers the Following:

    • HVAC Service/Repair/Installation
    • Total Plumbing Care
    • Geothermal Heating and Cooling Systems
    • Furnace and Air Conditioner
    • Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Solutions
    • Whole-Home Humidifiers

    The struggle to find a service company that will not only solve your problem – or properly perform preventative maintenance so a repair isn’t needed – but one that will also leave you wanting to schedule them for repeat service is a tall task indeed. Companies try to nickel and dime customers every which way they can in order to turn even the smallest profit, but that’s not how Complete Comfort operates. We’re dedicated to ensuring our Bargersville neighbors receive top-of-the-line service – service that will leave you with a smile on your face and a comfortable home.

    Serving Bargersville With Top-Notch Care

    When you schedule an appointment with Complete Comfort, you’re inviting us into your home, and that’s something we don’t take lightly. Because we respect the place you and your family live in, our technicians won’t ever leave a mess when they enter your home to perform a service. They wear boot covers and completely clean up everything after they’re done, so it’s like you’ll never even realize they were there!

    Residential Home Services in Bargersville

    Whether your pipes have sprung a leak, your furnace has stopped heating your home, or you suspect something might be wrong with your air conditioning, Complete Comfort is there to help. We’re equipped to find, diagnose and effectively remedy the problems in your home, and we’ll do it without trying to wring extra charges out of you. And the best part is, if you need an emergency call after business hours or on the weekend, you won’t be stuck with a surcharge! Any time something needs fixing, we’re there.

    To find out why Bargersville residents trust Complete Comfort for all their home service needs, give us a call at 317-576-3151 and schedule an appointment today!