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Mini-split Repair

Mini-split air conditioners consist of two primary components: an indoor heating unit and an outdoor condenser. This compact system allows you to finely control the heat in individual rooms rather than your entire house. Mini-split systems are also quite energy efficient compared to other HVAC systems. 

Our technicians have several years of experience working with all types of ductless mini-split systems. We offer 24/7 emergency services, so no matter the emergency, we can assist. 

Signs You Need Ductless Mini-split Repairs

Mini-split heaters need maintenance just like any HVAC system. Below are some common mini-split issues. 

Ice Buildup

Ice buildup occurs when the coils don’t receive enough airflow. The cold air concentrates and causes moisture to condense and freeze. AC coils are fragile, so you’ll want to call an expert to clean them and restore proper airflow. 


Leaks from your unit could signify a broken water drain or cracked coolant line. If you have a coolant leak, you’ll need to replace the liquid, too. Either way, we recommend ductless mini-split service and repair in Greenwood, IN, to restore your system to full functionality.

High Utility Bills

Over time, your mini-split air conditioner will wear down. When this happens, your system must work harder to achieve the same performance. The result is that your energy bills increase while usage stays the same. A tune-up from a pro will get things back in working order. 

Low Heat

Poor heating capability could indicate several issues, from broken coils to a dirty air filter. Poor heat performance may also result from low coolant fluid. Low heat could signify a serious issue, such as a cracked air handler, so call an expert ASAP. 

Bad Smells

Bad smells emanating from your mini-split vents could signify mold or mildew, posing a serious health hazard. You’ll need to contact a professional to clean and disinfect your system. 

Loud Sounds

Ductless split systems consist of many moving parts, some of which can come loose. Loose parts may rattle around, creating a loud, clanging sound. Loose parts can cause significant damage, so call an expert to address the issue quickly. 

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