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  • Geothermal Repair


  • Central Indiana’s Best Geothermal System Repair

    A geothermal system isn’t too likely to break, given that there are far fewer moving mechanical parts than in a typical HVAC unit. They’re much more efficient, and some can go extended periods of time without any significant fixes that need to be addressed. However, just because geothermal systems are less likely to encounter issues doesn’t mean they won’t be free of problems forever, however rare they may be.

    Sometimes, your geothermal system might not be giving off the same temperature that you want it to. Other times, the underground loops housing the water/antifreeze mixture can spring a leak. If that time comes, let Complete Comfort handle the repair. The clock will be ticking while you and your family endure the unpleasant conditions that arise when air-control systems fail, but we’ll have it back and in working order in no time.

    Thankfully, these situations will be far and few between. When we install a geothermal system, we do it with the understanding that you’re going to be relying on it for years to come, and we’ll ensure you run into as few problems as possible. To maximize the life and efficiency of your geothermal system, check out our periodic special offers! You may be able to save on any repairs you may encounter.

    To learn more about how a geothermal system can help you and your family, or to speak to a trained, licensed professional about your faulty system, call Complete Comfort at 317-800-6179. Our phone lines are open 24/7!