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February 16, 2023

How Do I Start My AC After Winter? A Step-By-Step Guide

As we approach Spring, now is a great time to prepare your air conditioner for Summer. A few questions we received often include:

  • Do I need to do anything before turning on AC?
  • How do I get my air conditioner ready for Summer?
  • How do I start my AC after winter?

Let’s cover all of these questions so that your system will be Summer ready.

Things to do BEFORE turning on your AC: We believe Spring cleaning should start with your HVAC system. Your HVAC system is one of the few things in life that you rely on every minute of every day. To ensure your system will function efficiently and consistently through the warm months ahead, there are a few things you can do.

  1. First, you can check your system’s air filter and replace it if needed. A surprising portion of our HVAC calls are related to dirty filters, and this is preventable by committing to monthly checks and replacing them when needed. Learn more about HVAC filters here and how often to change your HVAC filter here.
  2. Next, cleaning and clearing debris inside can go a long way with your HVAC system’s functioning. Cleaning light fixtures and ceiling fans is important because these items have spent the cold months accumulating the dust that has circulated throughout your system. When you turn the fan on when the warmer days hit, all of that dust will spread throughout your home and back through your system. If you generally struggle with excessive dust in your home, learn some simple fixes here.
  3. Next, cleaning and clearing debris from the compressor unit ensures a properly functioning system. Check for debris, dirt, weeds growing into it, or objects on/around the unit. You can also use a garden hose to spray off the unit. We do not recommend checking the internal components of the compressor unit. This requires the help of a licensed professional.
  4. Another thing to do before turning on your AC is cleaning your ducts and vents. No matter how clean you keep your home, your ducts and vents are magnets for dust and particles. On your own, you can vacuum visible debris on your vents. We recommend that you call a licensed professional to have your ducts cleaned to ensure the air circulating through your home is clean.
  5. Next, we recommend checking the A/C drain lines. Air conditioning units have a drain line that carries excess moisture from the unit formed through condensation. If algae and debris clog the drain lines, it can freeze the unit and cause system failure. To clean drain lines, pour a cup of bleach and use a drain brush to remove the debris. Cleaning drain lines is best done outdoors because the process can be messy and smelly.
  6. Lastly, while you have a professional out for your ducts, this is a great time to schedule your bi-annual HVAC maintenance and safety inspection. Having a trained professional look at your system will help you address potential issues before they cause bigger problems. This not only ensures your system will work consistently, it also ensures your system is working efficiently, potentially saving you money on energy costs. You can learn additional HVAC maintenance tips here.


How to start your AC after winter: Now that you’ve taken the recommended steps to prepare your system, it’s time to turn on the AC. Turning the AC on after a long time is a big shift in your environment. Luckily, this part is simple. You go to your thermostat and switch on the AC. We recommend running the AC in fan mode first to allow dust to clear from the system. After 10 minutes, switch from fan mode to cool. Once turned on, check that cold air is coming from the vents. If you do not feel cold air, it’s time to reach out to a local HVAC professional.

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