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October 11, 2021

Our Pre-Winter Furnace Checklist

The Fall season comes with comfortable weather and delicious food. It can be easy to forget that the cooler nights and shorter days mean that winter is right around the corner. The last thing that you want is for winter to arrive just to find out that your heating system doesn’t work. That is why our team has put together a short Pre-Winter Furnace Checklist!


Clean Your Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is one of the most important parts of your furnace. In order to make sure that your equipment works all year, it is important to have a trained professional brush and vacuum your heat exchanger annually. Our team of expert technicians is standing by all season to get your home taken care of and our maintenance agreement includes this service!


Change Your Furnace Filter

Your furnace filter is the first line of defense in keeping dirt and debris out of your HVAC equipment. Naturally, all of the air supplied to your system flows through your filter. If it is clogged, it can cause your electric bill to go through the roof and your HVAC equipment to break down.

Every furnace filter is different. 1”-2” filters should be replaced monthly, while 4”-5” filters can be replaced once every 6 months. Click here for a great deep dive into how to change your own furnace filter.

dirty vs clean furnace filter

Check Your Flame Sensor

The flame sensor allows your Furnace to know whether or not the natural gas has successfully ignited. Overtime they can get a build-up of carbon that prevents them from functioning properly. During any pre-winter furnace check, it is important that a trained professional checks and cleans your Flame Sensor. This will ensure that your equipment runs smoothly for the whole season.


Get an HVAC Tune-Up/Inspection

Annual Tune-Ups and Inspections are as important for your HVAC Equipment as they are for your car. You wouldn’t let the oil go unchanged in your car and you shouldn’t let your HVAC equipment go unmaintained. Contact our team today to schedule your seasonal maintenance.

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