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  • Water Heater Services


  • Water Heater Services for Central Indiana

    We aren’t just limited to solving pipe-related problems. If your water heater’s not functioning properly, those pipes are just going to be filled with cold water! Complete Comfort’s expertise in all things water heaters can help you identify the issue, determine a solution and implement it from start to finish – guaranteed.

    The world of water heaters can be overwhelming. As technology has progressed, the options for simply making sure you have a hot shower are vast. In addition to traditional tank-based water heaters, we offer comprehensive service with electric and tankless water heaters as well as heat pumps.

    And no matter which type you choose or already have, we can service it. Just like every other piece of machinery, your water heater requires regular upkeep and maintenance to ensure it stays functioning properly. Over time, sediment can build up and reduce the efficiency of your water heater. Our team of technicians can diagnose the issue, fix it, and guide you through the steps to ensure it happens as little as possible in the future.

    Some issues are fixable at home, but others require an expert’s precision and care to effectively solve. Whatever the problem, we can get you back on the right track to having a working, efficient water heater to power your home’s hot water needs.

    Installing a new water heater might be a bit trickier than just getting the cheapest one. There are a few factors to keep an eye out for, such as the amount of people in the household, any unique requirement you’d need, and when you plan on using it the most.
    Whatever the case may be, we’re here to help. Complete Comfort’s promise is to never offer something you won’t need, and we’ll always give you honest, fair advice.

    For 24/7 service, or to explore the many water heater options you can take with Complete Comfort, give us a call at 317-800-6179 today!