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February 1, 2023

Warning Signs of Frozen Pipes

Pipes exposed to freezing temperatures for extended periods of time are at risk of freezing, but there are a couple of factors that impact this.

Although 32 degrees fahrenheit is the freezing temperature, we become even more concerned when pipes are exposed to 20 degrees fahrenheit and below. Keep in mind that wind chill can affect this as well. Pipes are more likely to burst after exposure to below-freezing temperatures for 6 hours or more. Burst pipes are the worst-case-scenario when it comes to freezing pipes and unfortunately it is a common occurrence through the winter and early spring in cold climate areas (like in Central Indiana, where we are located).

The greatest risk of pipes freezing occurs where there are exposed pipes. This includes pipes in attics, garages, crawl spaces, along exterior walls, under cabinets, and in other uninsulated spaces. You can read all about how to prevent pipes from freezing here.

Some warning signs of frozen pipes include:

  • Slow or no water coming out of faucets
  • Frost on the outside of the pipe
  • Visible bulge or burst on the pipe
  • Bubbling sound when flushing the toilet
  • Whistling, gurgling or banging sound from pipes
  • Visible water damage signs on walls and ceilings (Urgent issue that requires immediate attention)
  • Unpleasant odors due to frozen exterior sewer line


It’s important to note that you might not have any warning signs of a frozen pipe if it is infrequently used. You might only know that it froze after the fact when the ice melts and water ends up where you do not want it to be. This is why prevention is so important for both your peace of mind and your wallet. If you find yourself with frozen or burst pipes, call a licensed plumber to help resolve the issue and prevent further damage.

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