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June 20, 2023

Eight Simple Ways to Conserve Water at Home

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Did you know that the average American homeowner uses between 80 and 100 gallons of water every day just for routine indoor tasks? 

We rely on water for a lot, from drinking to showering and keeping the house clean. So if you’re looking to find ways to conserve water at home, you probably want to lower your monthly water bills while reducing your overall water consumption. Fortunately, you can do this in several simple ways. 

As the go-to plumbing company in Greenwood, IN, Complete Comfort Heating, Air & Plumbing knows that homeowners want to save as much money as possible, preferably while being eco-friendly. Here are eight simple ways you can conserve water at home.

1. Cut Your Shower Time By Five Minutes

Who doesn’t love taking long, hot showers? But it shouldn’t be a surprise that your relaxing showers require quite a lot of water. In fact, you could be wasting around 17 gallons of water per shower!

If you live in a house with multiple people, consider how much water you’re wasting. While we won’t suggest skipping a daily shower, a good way to reduce the amounts of water used for showers is by cutting them short.

Ideally, you should shower for five minutes or less to maximize water efficiency. But if five minutes isn’t long enough for you, consider cutting your shower time by five minutes. This can go a long way in conserving water!

2. Don’t Leave Water Running When You Brush Your Teeth

One of the easiest ways to conserve water at home is by shutting off the water while you brush your teeth. If you follow your dentist’s suggestions, you brush your teeth twice a day. So by shutting the faucet off while brushing your teeth, you could save up to 20 liters a day!

For bonus water savings, shut it off while you wash your hands, too, only turning it on to rinse. 

3. Use Water-Saving Toilet Flush Systems

Do you know how much water your toilet uses to flush? Between five to seven gallons! This makes your toilet one of the biggest water consumers in your house, which means it’s also one of the biggest sources of wasted water. 

A great way to reduce how much water your toilet uses is by upgrading to a water-saving toilet flush system. By using these systems, you can save up to 700 liters of water annually, which is great for both the environment and your wallet!

4. Use Your Dishwasher the Right Way

While there isn’t necessarily a wrong way to use your dishwasher, there is a better way to use it. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually more sustainable to use your dishwasher than it is to handwash your dishes. 


Dishwashers use significantly less water to wash a greater amount of dishes. To maximize your water conservation, run dishwashers when they’re full and on the shortest run cycle possible. Not only does this help you save more water, but it also means you have to wash fewer dishes by hand.

5. Let Your Washing Machine Run Shorter Cycles

Among the easier ways to conserve water at home is by adjusting how you do your laundry. Like we mentioned for dishwashers, running your washer on the shortest cycle possible is a great way to reduce your water consumption while still getting the clean clothes you need.

When possible, use cold water and try not to use the permanent press cycle, which uses a combination of hot and cold water in addition to an extra rinse cycle. 

6. Invest in a Low-Flow Showerhead

We already talked about how reducing your shower time by five minutes or so can help conserve a lot of water. But if you prefer longer showers and still want to be eco-conscious, then consider investing in a low-flow showerhead. 

The average showerhead has a flow rate of 2.1 gallons every minute, while a typical low-flow showerhead has a rate of 1.8 gallons a minute. 

7. Use Your Garbage Disposal Less

Garbage disposals are super convenient because they allow you to get rid of food waste in a matter of seconds, helping you keep your kitchen clean. However, the more food scraps you throw down into your garbage disposal, the more water it needs and the more water you waste. 

You can reduce how much food you throw down into your garbage disposal by using scraps for compost instead! Creating compost is easy, helps reduce how much water you waste, and is a great way to give your yard a nutrient boost. Since you’re throwing fewer scraps in the disposal, you also won’t have to worry about unpleasant odors coming from the sink.

8. Water Your Lawn Less Frequently

We know that homeowners love having green, lush lawns that drastically boost curb appeal and make neighbors jealous, but you don’t have to turn on the sprinklers every day to get this. Watering your grass twice a week is generally enough to give your yard a healthy green lawn. To make sure your grass is as hydrated as possible, water early in the morning to avoid significant evaporation. 

Maximize Your Water Efficiency By Calling the Pros

Conserving water is not only great for saving money but for doing good for the environment. Complete Comfort Heating, Air & Plumbing knows that property owners want to make their homes as efficient as possible. Unfortunately, plumbing problems can make this difficult. 

We are passionate about helping our fellow neighbors protect their homes’ plumbing systems by providing timely repairs, expert installations, and reliable maintenance services. 

Looking for more ways to conserve water at home? Give our team a call, and we can help you explore water- and cost-efficient options.

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