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February 5, 2023

The Importance of Proper AC Unit Placement

AC unit placement is more important to cooling performance than you might think. A well-placed air conditioning unit will keep your home comfortable throughout the year while experiencing minimal issues. However, an unsatisfactory location can adversely affect the air conditioner’s efficiency, lifespan, and more.

If you want to decrease the chances of the system giving out prematurely, placement matters. Read on to learn more from the heating and cooling specialists at Complete Comfort Heating, Air & Plumbing.

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Placing Your AC Unit in an Optimal Location is Important

Air conditioning systems are prone to numerous malfunctions that compromise their energy efficiency. Harsh UV rays, twigs, leaves, and countless other elements can significantly reduce your AC unit’s performance. If it isn’t in the right spot, away from these types of elements, the air conditioner cannot adequately cool your home. 

Placing an air conditioner well ensures your system works optimally year-round for the ultimate comfort at home. Find a cool, accessible area for your air conditioner that limits exposure to the elements. The best place for the outdoor unit is away from direct sunlight, which will make it overheat.

However, do not place these outdoor units under trees, as this will make them more susceptible to clogs and debris. Instead, find a shady area that’s protected from dust and debris so that the unit doesn’t have to work harder to cool your home. The less it works to cool things down, the longer the mechanical components will last.

Expert Tips for Proper AC Unit Placement—Greenwood, IN

Not many Greenwood residents have stopped to even think about the placement of their property’s air conditioning units. However, if you are installing a new unit or replacing an old one, you have the perfect opportunity to optimize the placement for superior performance, no matter the weather.

Below are a few professional tips from Complete Comfort Heating, Air & Plumbing to help you find the perfect location for your air conditioning unit and avoid improper installation.

Find a Level Surface At Least Five Feet Above Ground

Air conditioners need enough space to circulate air and meet the desired indoor temperature. Installing an AC unit too low to the ground will hinder its performance with insufficient airflow. The issue will also affect your energy bills and place unnecessary strain on the unit.

  • Find a level outdoor location about five to six feet above the ground. It should give the condenser unit enough space to operate and cool your home.

Don’t Place The Air Conditioner in Direct Sunlight

Indiana’s notoriously hot summers make the need for air conditioning obvious. However, harsh UV rays could overheat the air conditioner and cause it to work harder. Not only will your monthly energy costs rise, but you will also need to repair the unit more frequently due to the excess stress on the system. 

Many appliances also emit heat during operation, including televisions, refrigerators, and washing machines. If you install the cooling unit too close to these potential heat sources, even minimal heat emission could adversely affect your air conditioner’s performance. If you want to increase your air conditioning unit’s lifespan and cool your home on Greenwood’s hottest summer days, the unit needs a cool area away from excess heat.

  • Install your air conditioner in a shady location (not under a tree) to limit sun exposure and overly hot temperatures. 
  • Avoid proximity to other appliances that emit heat to ensure optimal cooling efficiency.

Avoid AC Unit Placement Where Trees Lose Their Leaves

Installing air conditioning units under deciduous trees will keep them cooler during hot days. However, although the tree’s shade will reduce the system’s heat exposure, falling leaves and branches around the unit spell trouble. Clogs develop quickly, hindering the unit’s performance and causing irreversible damage within the system over time.

With less space available, a professional team may need to install your air conditioner close to a tree. In this case, its maintenance requirements will increase. You may also need to clean your air conditioner’s interior and exterior once or twice a week to keep it in prime condition.

  • Install your air conditioner away from trees to avoid blockages. Debris will obstruct the fan’s rotation, making it vulnerable to overheating and malfunctions.
  • If you have no option but to install your air conditioning unit under a deciduous tree, it pays to schedule more regular maintenance visits.

Install the AC Unit in an Open Space

Air conditioning systems operate more efficiently in an open area where they can circulate air to cool your home. Installing an air conditioning unit in an overly crowded area restricts its “breathing” capabilities, resulting in inadequate circulation and less effective cooling. The location should also be easily accessible so that the air conditioning unit doesn’t experience interference.

  • Find a shady location in an open space away from deciduous trees to limit clogs, prevent interference, and guarantee better energy efficiency.

Place the Air Conditioner Away from Concrete and Rocks

Most Greenwood homeowners choose to install their air conditioners on concrete slabs for the benefit of having a level surface and outstanding durability. Installing the unit on a slab does not affect its performance, but surrounding concrete and rocks could attract too much heat and overwork the air conditioner. This extra heat will increase your monthly energy expenses and can cause other issues within the unit’s sensitive components.

Most heating and cooling specialists recommend surrounding air conditioners with mulch or grass instead. It won’t radiate or attract heat, keeping the unit cool during high temperatures. 

  • Install the unit on a concrete slab but ensure it has mulch or grass surrounding it instead of concrete or rocky surfaces.

Keep the Air Conditioning Unit Away from Pets

Curious pets investigate air conditioning units and mark their territory while they’re there. Unfortunately, dog and cat urine can damage the system’s coils, causing numerous issues that impede performance. Try installing your air conditioner in an area pets cannot access, or consider building a barrier around it, like a small wooden fence.

A fence or similar barrier will also protect any pets from health and safety issues around the unit. For example, broken air conditioning systems sometimes leak toxic refrigerant that can poison a furry friend if consumed. Ingesting less than a teaspoon of refrigerant can be fatal to your pet, so homeowners should take extensive measures to limit the animal’s access to the unit.

  • Optimal AC unit placement includes keeping pets away from the area. Building a small fence around your air conditioner will protect your dog from refrigerant poisoning while preventing outside interference.

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