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September 20, 2023

The Drain Cleaning Equipment Professionals Use

Professional plumbers have several types of drain cleaning equipment at their disposal to help them clean pipes and eliminate line clogs swiftly and effectively. However, many Greenwood residents don’t know what types of equipment professionals use to clean drain lines or how they operate. That’s why Complete Comfort Heating, Air & Plumbing is here to teach you everything you need to know about professional drain cleaning equipment.

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Four Types of Drain Cleaning Equipment Professionals Use

While most homeowners are familiar with basic plumbing equipment like plungers, many don’t know the more advanced drain cleaning supplies plumbers use on a day-to-day basis. Professionals use a wide range of plumbing tools that are incredibly expensive or that many local home improvement stores don’t carry. Below are just some types of drain cleaning equipment plumbers use regularly.

1. Drain Snaking Tools

Plumbing snakes, also called augers, are useful tools that help plumbers eradicate stubborn blockages deep within drain lines and pipes. They are long, flexible metal coils that usually resemble a corkscrew. Although many stores carry rudimentary hand-crank plumbing snakes, plumbers utilize motorized models that clear blockages more efficiently.

To eliminate clogs, plumbers guide their plumbing snake through the pipe until they reach the blockage. They then activate the snake’s motor to drill into the obstruction and eliminate the clog. If the clog consists of undissolvable materials, the plumber will fish it out with the snake without harming the pipe’s structure.

2. Air-Burst Cleaners

Air-burst cleaners use carbon dioxide, air, or other gasses to dislodge clogs in residential and commercial piping systems. They utilize tremendous pressure to disintegrate debris, shooting air into the blockage to loosen and eliminate it. Most use carbon dioxide cartridges or feature a built-in compressor that eradicates internal pipe obstructions faster than household tools and some professional-grade plumbing supplies.

Plumbers use air-burst cleaners to remove deep clogs within pipes full of water. They can work through the water better than other drain maintenance tools and eradicate clogs within minutes. They provide similar results to chemical-based drain cleaners but work much faster without damaging the pipe’s structure (chemical drain cleaners erode pipes and cause them to break down more rapidly).

That said, air-burst cleaners aren’t effective sewer cleaning machines since they can’t clear clogs within large-diameter pipes or dry piping.

3. Hydro-Jetting Equipment 

Hydro-jetters, also called hydro-jetting cleaners, operate similarly to air-burst cleaners but utilize water instead of gas or air. They shoot highly-pressurized water through a pipe to eliminate vexing clogs. Hydro-jetters have fitted nozzles that push water into debris, with water pressure reaching 35,000 PSI (pounds per square inch).

Plumbers feed the hydro-jetters through the pipe and adjust their settings depending on the clog’s severity. They also use hydro-jetters to clean dirty pipes but typically use less pressure to preserve the line’s structure. 

Hydro-jetters come in several sizes and work well for cleaning and clearing both long and short pipes. They can also clear inorganic and organic clogs, making them some of the best clog removal devices plumbers have.

4. Video Inspection Devices

Before plumbers clean a drain or remove a clog, they often perform a video inspection to evaluate the pipe or blockage. Video inspection equipment consists of a small camera mounted on an elongated, flexible fiber-optic rod. The camera sends images or videos (depending on the model) of the pipe and clogs to the plumber’s monitor.

Video inspection devices help plumbers determine which drain cleaning tool works best for the project. This also makes the process faster and more efficient, giving you a clean drain line without delay.

Video inspection equipment isn’t just for discovering drain clogs. Plumbers also use them to locate leaks and pipe damage within your plumbing system. They are versatile devices that help plumbers provide the best services to their clients, no matter their plumbing issues.

Tips for Keeping Your Drain Lines Clean and Pristine

Homeowners can avoid drain line clogs by being proactive about what they flush or pour down their plumbing system. Below are a few tips to help you keep your drain lines clear and pristine.

Don’t Throw Certain Items Down Your Garbage Disposal

Many people believe their garbage disposal can mince nearly any food or materials they throw down their kitchen sink. Although garbage disposals can chop up most soft food particles, they can’t handle everything

Highly fibrous foods and robust materials can damage garbage disposals since they are too durable for their blades. Always throw coffee grounds, fruit peels, eggshells, and other solid substances in the trash to prevent drain clogs and preserve your garbage disposal.

Clean Your Drains Regularly

Homeowners can make a DIY drain cleaning solution that will keep their pipes clear without harming their interior. 

To start, pour a pot of boiling water into your drains and follow it up with half a cup of baking soda. Next, pour half a cup of vinegar and wait about 10 minutes. You should hear the vinegar and baking soda fizzle. 

After that, pour another pot of boiling water and turn on the sink, tub, or shower’s hot water to remove any remaining debris. If done correctly, the solution will clear any debris out of your pipes and improve your piping system’s efficiency.

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