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#1 Westfield IN Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

AC maintenance can be easy to ignore until the unit is failing. Unfortunately, a unit with clogged ports and poor airflow will not only run inefficiently, but It’s also susceptible to damage. To keep your AC unit running smoothly all summer long, our AC maintenance service schedule can help. We’ll monitor the system on a regular schedule and keep it clean and running efficiently.

Make the Healthy Choice:

High temperatures are hard on any mechanical system. Regular service to confirm clear airflow and sufficient charge are critical to keeping your AC unit running during the hottest part of the day and year.

You’ll find our team’s service schedule will save you work and worry. We can help you keep the unit free of the clogging dust and plant growth that limits air flow. Your air conditioner can only cool the air in your home if it has sufficient air flow to cool itself.

Your Trusted Central AC Maintenance Company Near You

AC maintenance is key to keeping your unit running efficiently for the long term. Clogged AC units fail more frequently and these failures can be costly. Regular checks and maintenance services are key to keeping you cool all summer long. We recommend you have your cooling system serviced on a schedule to reduce the risk of damage or failure.

Another Major Benefit of Tune-Ups:

With regular monitoring, you’ll know when your AC unit is nearing the end of its life. Our specialists can provide you with information regarding the likelihood of failure that will require a replacement or major repair. Replacing an air conditioner isn’t cheap, but with a heads-up from our technicians, you’ll know what you’re facing.

An In-Depth Look at AC Maintenance:

In addition to keeping the unit cleaned and serviced, we’ll monitor your AC unit for the risk of catastrophic failure. If you don’t have maintenance history on the unit, we can provide you with a full check-up and make you aware of the probable risk of a major repair in the future. Our assessment includes the following services:

• Check thermostat function

• Clean and clear condensation drains

• Clean condensing coils

• Examine electrical components for corrosion or wire damage

• Check filters

• Check motors & compressor amperage

• Clean and lubricate moving parts

• Ensure overall system operation

• Check refrigerant levels

Once you have this full assessment, we can help you set up a cleaning and checking schedule based on the age of your unit and your needs. Our pricing structure is simple and costs out each facet of maintenance.

Choose Us For Your Air Conditioner Maintenance Needs

Keeping your AC unit running is a bit like maintaining your car. If you don’t keep the oil changed, eventually you’ll have to get the engine changed. We want to help you keep your AC unit running. Our first step is a full inspection. Once we have your approval, we’ll clean and service the unit as noted above. We can also get you on the schedule to provide regular maintenance to keep the unit running efficiently.