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We Have a Handle on Hot Water Heating

If you recently purchased a home with a boiler, you might be inclined to quickly replace it with a forced-air system. But unless the boiler is very old, you should consider holding on to it.

While boilers have been around longer than furnaces, they offer an array of benefits. In fact, many people end up preferring boilers over furnaces once they make the transition.

Here at Complete Comfort, we install, repair and maintain boilers. Whether you need to service your boiler or are in the market for a new one, we are your go-to boiler experts. We know these systems inside and out and will help you get the most out of yours through every day and every season.

Boilers vs. Furnaces: What’s the Difference?

Unlike furnaces that heat air, boilers heat water. The heat from the water is then transferred throughout your home or business.

Torn between a furnace and a boiler? It all depends on what you care about most. Each system comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks that we will happily discuss with you. For example, if you don’t have room in your home for an indoor radiator, then it wouldn’t be wise to invest in a boiler. Once we know more about your home layout, heating goals and preferences, we’ll be able to share our professional recommendation with you.

We Bring Decades of Experience to Every Boiler and Radiator Replacement Job

Since 2003, we have been keeping homes warm and comfortable with our comprehensive boiler services. As your local and trusted boiler repair contractor, we know what reliable heat means to you and your family. Day or night, we are here to help you with the following:

Our Boiler Repair Service Guarantees

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For years, our team of trusted professionals has been providing quality cooling system services to local residents 24/7. We know the best way to provide top-tier service is by staying at the top of our field with training and supplying superior help without the price gouging for after-hour needs. When you need home AC repairs, our team will respond immediately to your request, provide expert diagnostic services, and begin professional work while giving you the most thorough experience possible. We take great pride in offering quality customer service, exceptional work, and building lasting relationships with all of our local customers.

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Boilers have been around for quite some time. They’ve come a long way in terms of their ability to save energy and reduce our impact on the environment. While there are plenty of University Heights boiler repair companies in the area, there is only one Complete team to exceed your expectations for every boiler need. Eager to find out more about our services? Visit our plumbing repair page and don’t forget to connect with us on social media!

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