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During the hot summer months in Greenwood, IN, a fully functional AC system is vital. You need one to stay comfortable in the humid and hot weather. However, your AC can’t keep you cool if the compressor is faulty or damaged.

A malfunctioning AC compressor may also signify more serious problems. Complete Comfort Heating, Air & Plumbing offers professional AC compressor replacement in Greenwood, IN.

We understand the financial demands of replacing the entire compressor system, so we ensure we give you the most value for your money. Book an appointment to experience our exceptional AC repair services in Greenwood, IN.

What Is the Function of an AC Compressor?

The AC compressor is the main hub of an air conditioner. It’s responsible for transferring refrigerant from the evaporator coil to the condenser. The refrigerant absorbs the heat in the air as a liquid and then turns into gas for transfer to the compressor.

The compressor pressurizes the gas, increasing the temperature before sending it to the condenser. Then, the condenser converts the refrigerant into liquid, allowing it to cool down. The refrigerant repeats the trip for as long as the air conditioning unit works, removing heat and cooling the air in your home.

It’s clear that you can’t depend on your air conditioner if a key component, such as the compressor, is faulty.

Signs You Should Replace Your HVAC Compressor

If you are not an HVAC professional, you may not know when you’re dealing with a bad AC compressor. However, there are some tell-tale signs anyone can pick on. If you notice any of the following, don’t hesitate to call the experts at Complete Comfort.

Rattling Sounds

Do you hear rattling or ticking sounds when you turn on your air conditioning? You may have a failing HVAC compressor.

Ticking sounds are most common when the compressor’s relay switch is faulty. The sounds often indicate that the system is struggling to activate.

Refrigerant Leak

You should inspect the area around your air conditioning for signs of refrigerant leaks, as that is a common sign of a damaged compressor. If you notice any indication of leaks, you need to contact a professional immediately. Prolonged exposure to refrigerant leaks is harmful to your health.

Inadequate Cool Air

With a failing or failed compressor, your air conditioner may no longer cool your home as efficiently as before. When the compressor can’t generate enough cool air anymore, you’ll find yourself setting the temperature on the thermostat to the lowest levels to stay cool—usually to no effect.

Call Complete Comfort for fast AC compressor replacement in Greenwood, IN, if you notice any of the above signs.

Our AC Compressor Replacement Process

We have perfected the art of providing exceptional customized services. Our AC compressor replacement process guarantees the best value and results. 

You can expect the following during the process.


There are several reasons why your air conditioner compressor may fail. We will analyze the system to find the cause and ensure your replacement compressor won’t fail after a short period. During this stage, we will also check for other types of damage within the system.

Selection of the Replacement Compressor

In most cases, your HVAC system manufacturer will provide specific recommendations for installing a replacement compressor. Our experienced technicians will help you choose a new compressor that meets your manufacturer’s standards without exceeding your budget.

Compressor Replacement 

The compressor replacement stage is complicated and requires professional expertise. Our technicians will:

  • Shut down the air conditioner
  • Disconnect the power
  • Remove the old compressor
  • Remove check valves and drier cores
  • Install the new compressor

The replacement process is not a DIY project, especially if you don’t want more HVAC compressor problems down the line.

Why Choose Complete Comfort for Your Compressor Replacement?

As a local, family-owned company, we know the importance of an efficient air conditioning system in the summer. That’s why we pull out all the stops to ensure your compressor problems are resolved effectively.

Over the last two decades, we’ve made a name for our:

  • Professionalism
  • Efficiency
  • Commitment to exceptional service delivery
  • Transparent and upfront pricing

Thanks to these characteristics, many of our previous customers are happy to send new clients our way. Check out our reviews page to see what your neighbors think about our services!

Replace Your AC Compressor Today

AC compressors are complex units that can cost a lot of money. In some cases, AC compressor replacement costs four-digit sums. You can’t afford to hire inexperienced professionals for the job.

Fortunately, our expert technicians can effortlessly and effectively replace the compressor on commercial and residential HVAC units.

Call Complete Comfort Heating, Air & Plumbing at (317) 563-8122 to schedule an appointment for your AC compressor replacement in Greenwood, IN, and enjoy speedy services from Greenwood’s heating repair professionals.